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William is an Assistant Professor at Mount Saint Vincent University in the Department of Business Administration and Tourism and Hospitality Management. He is fascinated by research around how individuals construct and create their social realities, intrigued with the powers of creativity and innovation, and an avid proponent of outstanding service experiences. When not teaching, writing, or researching, he tries to spend time with his family and occasionally paint. He is currently completing his PhD in Management at Saint Mary’s University.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Time Management and TV

Man, I was busy today.

But so many people can say the same thing, so to write a blog about being busy seems odd. Thus, my next blog will be about time management. Today, we talk about TV.

Mental note folks – whenever someone asks if you would like to be on TV, radio or any other form of media, you say “Yes Please”. Today was just my normal day of busy with a topping of crazy. Then, at midday, I was asked if I could help the regional news with a story. I hummed for a couple of seconds and then said “Yup!”

First of all, sitting down with the local news outlets (thanks CTV Atlantic News and Steve Murphy) can never hurt. I really, truly believe that we need more perspectives on tourism and service. As such, should someone come knocking on the door, you answer. I will be that voice if asked. Every single time.

Secondly, I have already said that I want to build a tourism/service brand here. TV can never hurt. I’m going to take every single opportunity to speak about these issues, whether it’s my topic of choice or another's.

Finally, it doesn’t matter how busy you are; there are regional service tasks that deserve your time. That is why I’ll be up at 5:30 am tomorrow grading papers and prepping classwork. There was a timely question that they asked my help to answer. I said yes. One day, I will need some timely news coverage and have no doubt that "what goes around, comes around." I’ll give 10 times for each one I draw out.

Now, how do I manage tomorrow. Some of today has spilled over somewhat.

But that, as Hammy Hamster would say, is another story. Right now, I need some sleep.

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