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William is an Assistant Professor at Mount Saint Vincent University in the Department of Business Administration and Tourism and Hospitality Management. He is fascinated by research around how individuals construct and create their social realities, intrigued with the powers of creativity and innovation, and an avid proponent of outstanding service experiences. When not teaching, writing, or researching, he tries to spend time with his family and occasionally paint. He is currently completing his PhD in Management at Saint Mary’s University.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Future and other such mental wanderings

Around this time of year, I find myself reflecting on the year past and the year to come. Have I used my time wisely in 2010? Personally, I find this a tough one. Made a significant move, started a new job, relocated the whole family with all the wonderful details that encompass that.
The big cloud hanging over my head: did I make progress on my thesis? And that is a resounding NO. John Lennon said that life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans and I, for sure, had a big case of the “life”.
It’s so easy to make excuses. Things were busy. Work was busy. Family was busy. Busy, busy, busy!
Perhaps it’s the reality of watching my peers defend their thesis that brings home the reality that I’m not writing. The rest is just a convenient excuse.
So, 2011 – you are the year. I’m calling you out right now! I will walk the talk I give to students about doing it, getting it done, GRINDING it out.
I want the sunny skies and some relaxing days. But first, my last major project stands in the way. I’m going to beat you, that’s promise.

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